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  • Easy installation, administration and control.

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Optimize your business with cloud communications

Simplify the management of your activities

Easily manage your phone services remotely, view the presence of your colleagues in real time and control call flow. Organize conferences and presentations wherever you are, for greater business mobility.

Integrate 3CX into your current environment

Make a smooth transition with easy-to-use technology, advanced calling features and global coverage. Unify your communications with Win & Mac Softphones and Android / WinOS applications.

Start saving on the price of your communications

Optimize your time and that of your employees with reports and analysis to plan and optimize your calls. Enjoy unlimited calling now across Canada and the United States.

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Our mission

Our mandate is to assist you in safely deploying and unifying your company’s telecommunications systems. We are confident in being able to offer you high-level VoIP services that can meet all of your corporate telephony needs.

Based in Laval, Quebec, VoiceMeUp is part of Infinity Internet Group, a consultant and developer of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions in a range of customized telephone solutions for SMEs.

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What is the 3CX solution?

3CX is an IPBX in open-standard software that offers ready-to-use Unified Communications functions. The 3CX solution is affordable, and its installation, administration, and maintenance are incomparably easy.

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